Sensual Lounge Escort, private, discreet, more intimate, unlike others

validity sees itself as a placement service for self-employed clients to various customers. Our escort models instruct us with the presentation and mediation to customers and decide for themselves whether the escort order is accepted. All clients work on an independent basis and use this website as an advertising platform.

We point out to our guests and visitors that they conclude their contractual relationships directly with the escort ladies and gentlemen and we are not liable for claims of third parties, no matter for what legal reason they may have arisen.

Discreet is not anonymous. For new customers, we reserve the right to verify information from the booking request. They understand that with new customers no last minute dates are possible. Once you are with us as a customer in the file, the processing of a request is very quick and uncomplicated. Our concept is based on trust, discretion, reliability, professionalism. We respond to the needs and interests of our customers. Our goal is to convey uncomplicated and fast.


Quick and easy booking processing, payment by EC, debit or credit card directly on the phone.

For bookings over several days, or for longer arrival and departure times of the respective escort lady, we reserve the right to issue the order confirmation after payment of a deposit over 50% of the total.

All other escort services are to be paid in person at the beginning of the service provision and at the beginning of the appointment to the booked person in cash.
Additional time booked during a service assignment (additional hours) will be charged according to our fee policy and must be paid directly to the booked person in cash.


We point out to the customers that Sensuallounge Escort does not guarantee the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information provided. All offers are without obligation.

Liability claims against Sensuallounge Escort, which relate to material and non-material damage, as well as damages caused by the use or disuse of the information provided or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are excluded.

Jurisdiction for all disputes is Zurich.
Sensuallounge Escort reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


sensido GmbH

Oberdorfstrasse 13

CH-8107 Buchs ZH


Online transfers to:

sensido GmbH

Oberdorfstrasse 13

CH-8107 Buchs ZH

IBAN CH09 0070 0110 0066 7948 1

Bank clearing number: 700

Pay simply, safely and comfortably the date in advance. Payments online, via e-mail or telephone.