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Sensuallounge Escort, private, discreet, more intimate, unlike others

  • Escort Date

    Exclusive pleasure and sparkling eroticism! The “get right down to it” date for relaxation, getting to know each other, or if you schedule doesn’t allow anything more. It’s easy to find two hours between the workday and your everyday life. A sparkling adventure for spontaneous women who are looking for a hot lunch break or evening dessert.

  • Gala Date

    A dinner date, a sophisticated companion at the opera and gentleman who shares both your interests and your ideas of a charming, elegant date. For a theater visit, sporting event or a business engagement. A neat, eloquent gentleman at your side will turn any event into an unforgettable evening. Escort service for any occasion. Gentlemen who move with style and are discreet – with work colleagues, other students and at events. But the highlight of the date is something you only experience as a couple.

  • Blind Date

    Treat yourself to a special surprise with one of the gentlemen presented here. Step into a new exciting world and enjoy an unimagined erotic seduction that you would otherwise never experience.

    You only know in advance as much about the gentleman as you want to know. You can also just arrange a sign so you can identify your blind date in a bar or hotel lobby. Our blind date escort service will make your passions a reality. And you can be sure that these gentlemen also have more secrets in store.

    It’s a delightful exciting adventure: Meet with a previously unknown stranger where you don’t know what to expect, except that you will share your bodies, lust and passion.

  • Romantik Date

    The romantic date is the ultimate, personal luxury experience where you not only rule the scene but are a princess.

    Whether it’s in a selected spa or wellness temple, a discreet, elegant apartment or the luxury suite of a sophisticated hotel. Everything can be arranged according to your desires and budget.

    Some of our gentlemen are also trained masseurs.

  • Services for Men

    Special services for men can be found here.

    Our exquisite selection of female escorts just for you.

  • Threesome Date

    The perfect date with two sexy gentlemen.  A hot scene that will arouse and inspire you. Whether you are looking for an inconspicuous addition or someone who actively participates doesn’t matter. The gentlemen quickly find their proper role and adapt themselves to you with empathy and sensitivity. Tender touches under the watchful eyes of your partner or wild lust in a threesome – you choose how you want to enjoy the evening.

  • BDSM Date

    Experience and live. New roles or old power. Dominating or imploring. The hot game of power and eroticism. Ropes, handcuffs, clips and blindfolds are all a part of it. Learn about yourself in a new role or follow the commands of an unapproachable man. Find the right devoted playmate or strict dom for your exciting, captivating desires!

    The men bring the necessary accessories to the date – and then put them to use!

  • Individual Date

    Tell us your wishes, ideas and fantasies, and we can offer you a date tailored to your taste.

    One or more gentlemen. The gentlemen can also come to ladies’ parties as well. Bachelorette parties and more.

  • Party Date

    You can uninhibitedly join the scene at selected parties or observe or participate with others with a stunning escort. Frivolous nights out, extravagant parties, seeing and being seen. Enjoy the combination of stylishness, quality and sexuality.

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